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Katya Badinski Lekova
Katya Badinski-Lekova was born in 1941 in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria. She graduated the University of Chemistry and Technology, Sofia in 1965 as chem. engineer. She is PhD since 1972 and ass. prof. since 1985.

Between 1996-2016 she is a lecturer at the South-West University "N. Rilski" at Blagoevgrad.

Katya Lekova is an author of more that 60 scientific publications, one book and 7 patents. She takes an active part in scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad in relations to analysis and control of different chemicals and products.
She is a member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, the Union of Food Industry, etc.

Katya begins painting in the early 70's of 20-th century and her first exhibition with oils is in 1981, Sofia. Then she continues with pastels and later on she uses acrylic paints on glass surfaces.

Katya Lekova paintings are in private collections in Bulgaria, Austria, Cheh republic, Germany, England, USA, etc.

She is inspired not only by the process of painting, but also by photografy, travelling, music and, most of all, by her family.
"Project 2017 is related mainly to the creation of painting on glass and it combines painting and photography.

I hope that with drawing on glass and the different themes, I come out of the stereotype of the fireworks and flowers typical of the periods associated with the use of oil and pastel paints characteristic of the 1st and 2nd period.

I hope I found what I've been looking for over many years.

Thus, the different subject matter expresses my enthusiasm from many artists and the reproduction of the idea of their paintings, as well as the unforgettable moments of trips in recent years."

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